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RVO Enterprises was founded in 1981 by Bob O'Mara. RVO aimed to provide quality Sales and Service for Bakery equipment into the Australasian area and has successfully achieved this over the past 30+ years.

Based in Kingsgrove, Sydney with a staff of 12, RVO now provides a full Consultation, Sales and Service to the Bakery and Food Production Industries. We have Service Agents in each of the States and Territories - RVO covers the whole of Australia.

Bob O'Mara made the Belshaw connection in 1969 and this alliance was further forged by RVO becoming sole agent and distributer for Australia when the company was founded in 1981. Edhard and Moline also began their association with RVO in 1981.

Polin came on board in 1982, followed by Tonelli in 1983.

A.M Manufacturing then followed 5 years later. Tecnopool and Backtech joined the RVO family around 1998. In October 2008, RVO became the Australian agency for Unifiller Systems.

Finally, in 2009 FoodTools of North America appointed RVO as there Australia/New Zealand agents.

This created an expansion of our "Portioning, Filling and Depositing" capabilities thus allowing RVO to offer solutions to the Retail, Commercial and Industrial sectors.

A mutually successful collaboration with our suppliers has been maintained all these years we have been in business.

As of 2013, Bob O'Mara is back in the Managing Director's chair and maintains his strong vision for the company-

"Value for money, personalised service, great product knowledge and most of all - enthusiasm!"

RVO services the Retail, Commercial and Industrial sectors for Material Handling - Mixing - Dough Processing - Depositing/Filling - Baking - Cooling/Freezing.

RVO is always looking at new and innovative technology for the Food Processing Sector and strives to be able to supply our customers with the highest quality and the best equipment available to the industry.

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