RVO Enterprises Pty Ltd

RVO services the Retail, Commercial and Industrial sectors for Material Handling - Mixing - Dough Processing - Depositing/Filling - Baking - Cooling/Freezing.

RVO Enterprises was founded in 1981 by Bob O'Mara.

Based in Kingsgrove, Sydney with a staff of 10, RVO now provides a full Consultation, Sales and Service to the Bakery and Food Production Industries. With Service Agents in each of the States and Territories, RVO covers the whole of Australia, and has successfully done this for more than 30 years.

RVO also provides a Sales and Service program to the greater Australasian area.

RVO is proud to be suppliers of the following equipment:

A.M. MANUFACTURING: Dough Dividing, Pizza Presses

BELSHAW: Donut Equipment

EDHARD: Product Depositors, Product Filling Equipment, Product Transfer Pumps

FOODTOOLS: Portioning, Crumb Forming, Depanning

HOBART: Mixers & Dishwashers

MARDEN: Oven Loaders & Unloaders

MIXER (Polin Group): Spiral Mixers, Planetary Mixers

MOLINE: Rotary Cutters for Donuts, Rotary cutters for Pastry

OSTALI: Sheeting, Proofing & Mixers

POLIN: Rack Ovens, Deck Ovens, Tunnels Ovens, Biscuit Depositors, Cream Cookers, Pasteurisers

RAM Srl: Divider Rounders, Square & Hexagonal Dividers, Automatic & Manual Sheeters, Planetary Mixers, Dough/Butter Presses

SILOS e SILOS: Bulk Handling, Conveying and Weighing Equipment

TECNOPOOL: Spiral Freezers, Spiral Coolers, Spiral Ovens

TONELLI: Spiral Mixers, Planetary Mixers, Multifunctional Mixers,

UNIFILLER: Product Transfer Pumps, Product Depositors